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Michael E. Irrgang
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Airline Operations Solutions, Inc.

Airline Operations Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Michael E. Irrgang, and was dedicated to improving operational efficiency and reducing costs in airlines. The company is now idle and is no longer taking customers, as Michael has been a full-time employee of Boeing since 2007, performing the same services of delay analysis & reduction, fuel conservation, operational efficiency improvement, etc. as an employee of Boeing for Boeing’s airline customers.

Michael E. Irrgang is an internationally-known expert in most aspects of airline operations. A 30-year career started in I.T. and transitioned to Airline Operations, including employment at American Airlines, and as a vice president of LAN Chile and Air Jamaica.

Some of Michael’s key professional accomplishments include:
• Published two papers on airline irregular operations & fuel conservation in the “Handbook of Airline Economics”, published by Aviation Week (1995)
• Co-authored on airline revenue management in the “Handbook of Airline Marketing”, by Aviation Week (1997)
• Published on airline operations efficiency and co-authored on integrating passenger and cargo operations in the “Handbook of Airline Operations”, by Aviation Week (2000)
• Co-authored on airline strategy in the 3rd world in the “Handbook of Airline Strategy”, by Aviation Week (2001)
• Hosted AGIFORS 2001 Airline Operations Conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Presented at many other AGIFORS Operations conferences on issues related to Irregular Operations, delay analysis, delay costing, delay reduction, fuel conservation & payload optimization
• Co-invented an object-oriented software tool and methodology for Operations Decision Support, which received U.S. patent #5,182,793 (1989), and led to the creation of a family of knowledge-based decision support systems for airline operations included gate systems, maintenance scheduling systems and irregular operations decision support and recovery systems, implemented at United, Air Canada, Northwest, Thai Airways, and Iberia
• Subject of articles on groundbreaking approach to Airline Operations Decision Support in a variety of publications in 1987-1989, including “Air Transport World”, and “Aviation Week & Space Technology”.
• Assisted the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) in developing & implementing an effective plan for airspace redesign, RNAV & GPS SIDs, STARs & training
• Served as member of Board of Directors of IACL (Inter-Caribbean Aeronautical Communications Limited) – which administered PIARCO FIR aero. radio and overflight fees for the 13 Eastern Caribbean countries
• Member of the IATA workgroup to develop the Y2K contingency upper altitude ATC routes for Latin America and the Caribbean in 1999
• Member of the ICAO/IATA workgroup to develop the first upper altitude RNAV routes from South America to the U.S. in 2000
• Additional work coordinating the activities of different airlines with the FAA, the Jamaica CAA, the DGAC of Chile and the DGAC of Costa Rica
• While running the daily operations of Air Jamaica, Michael led operations which resulted in
o becoming only the second foreign airline permitted to fly into the United States after 9/11 (British Airways was first)
o being the only airline to operate all its flights successfully into the Northeast U.S. during the August 14, 2003 power blackout.
o exceeding all major U.S. carriers in On-Time Performance in October 2003 with 89.5% arrivals within 15 minutes
o becoming the first ever airline to temporarily relocate its Systems Ops Control Center (SOCC) from one country to another (Kingston, Jamaica to Miami, U.S.A), to partially maintain scheduled operations during Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004. This had to be approved by the FAA and the Jamaica CAA.

Michael Irrgang has a BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington and an MS degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University

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